Gaucho Rides

Gaucho Rides is a tool for UCSB students to carpool with each other. Users specify whether they are a driver or a passenger and they enter in their travel information and it matches up the two. It was featured by Daily Nexus and Noozhawk.


Secretify is a tool that allows users to be able to share images without worrying about the potential harms of putting an image on the internet. An image is only shown for 2 seconds and then it is deleted forever and there is no way it can be recovered. Downloading the image is also blocked off, therefore, it is very safe.


Pickmate is a tool for new car buyers to find their perfect vehicle. Pickmate has a wide variety of vehicles stored in a database. Users specify their desired features and the cars displayed change accordingly. In developing and designing pickmate, I used Ruby on Rails as my server-side language interacting with a SQLite3 Database. The front end uses CSS/CSS3, HTML5, Javascript/jQuery, and AJAX.

UC Calculator

UC Calculator is a tool made to give high school students an idea on how their statistics can place them into the 9 UC Campuses. It provides a percentage range of predicted chance of acceptance. Backend languages is PHP, front end uses basic HTML/CSS.

Facematch (Current Project)

Facematch is a current project I am currently working on. So far, you can view the template I designed for the main page in CSS/CSS3 and HTML/HTML5. After I finish facematch, its description will be updated.